All the features for QR codes

W/o Registering

We do not require users to register. No sign up required.

Free Indefinitely

Fully functional QR codes for free. There are no restrictions on commercial use.

No Expiration

We do not set any expiration date for the use of QR codes.

Multiple URLs

Still printing more than one QR images on your page? This type of QR code contains many URLs in one code.

Email Launcher

The best solution for when you want someone to email you in the designated format.

Dynamic QR

We provide one fixed URL that you can modify the destination, without having to create new QR codes for every change.

Put Icon on it

A favicon is a common web image format for most sites. You can put it on your QR Codes in the blink of an eye. Or choose from popular icons.

For Print Use

You can download the QR Code in vector data, such as SVG format, and scale images with high picture quality.

Artistic QR

An innovative format of newer QR codes. Your favorite picture or photo can be combined immediately.

Logo with QR

Another sample of artistic QR. Nearly square images match very well.

Dot Styled Cell

You can change the shape of the cell to look cool.

Rounded Cell

Enhance your customers' brand experiences with a round, soft, and friendly shape.

OS Detection

The simplest way to unite Android and iOS links with one QR code.

*e.g. If you read the above sample of a QR code with Android, you will go to With an iPhone, you will go to, as set in advance.

Print Simulation

Calculate an actual size of the image when printed. It warns you if the QR code is too small to decode.

Track Performance

Via Bitly, you can check the scan statistics. Let's track the popularity of your QR Code.


Attractive design will motivate end users to scan the QR Code. You can modify color, size, and the design format.

Send SMS

Read this QR, and then the SMS messenger is ready to use.


Easy to add to a smart phone's contacts list or address book.


It's easier for users to add your event in their calendar or schedule.

Language Detection

Put plural links for each language into one QR code. It redirects users to their default language page.

As an example, if you read this QR code with a smartphone with the language setting of English, you will go to ''. With a Spanish setting, you will go to '' as I set in advance.

Functional QR

You can find a variety of functions that are really useful. Over 15 types are available.

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